Expert financial advice for Indian Tribes

Tribal Financial Advisors, Inc. ("TFA") is an independent investment bank that specializes in capital raising and financial advisory work for Indian Tribes. Together with the unique insights of our Tribal Board of Advisors, we see the world from our Tribal clients' point of view, providing unique financial solutions to address their needs in a constantly changing economic environment.

TFA's wholly-owned subsidiary and registered broker-dealer, TFA Securities, Inc. ("TFAS"), provides private placement of securities and securities related financial and strategic advisory services and is a member of FINRA and the SIPC.

Our team of professionals has collectively raised over $16 billion of capital for Tribes since 1995. TFA's experience, expertise and credibility is unmatched in the area of Native American finance.

Services Offered

  • Capital Raising
  • Financial Advisory
  • Casino Operational Management With Financial Solutions

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Why Work With Us?

  • Solutions That Maximize Value, Maintain Flexibility, and Minimize Risk
  • Get the Best Deal Possible
  • Peace of Mind

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